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Bayer Crop Science

Case Study

Brand Architecture Streamlining Challenge

Bayer Crop Science

Bayer’s Crop Science brand architecture had grown over time as new ingredients and formulations came into being. The lack of a defined brand architecture logic had created brand proliferation rather than well-defined brand and product families. They also wanted to define future naming conventions, as they had been creating multiple types of names, even within the same Master Brand families.

Client Goals

A structured brand architecture across the Herbicide and Fungicide categories which would create defined brand and product families, and a decision tool which would enable the organization to easily determine whether existing names or new names should be used when new products were introduced.
GBR Services Employed
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Naming

Our Solution: Balance Brand Simplicity With Product Complexity

We created two intuitive brand architecture and naming systems that are customer and consumer-friendly and which easily communicate the relative positioning and benefits for each product in the portfolio and which will allow each of these heritage brands to communicate significant new innovations.

What We Did

  • Mapped the current Bayer Crop Science Architecture as well as those of competitors and “best practices” architectures in comparable categories
  • Defined a recommended logic and brand hierarchy for Crop Science, giving each brand, product family, and individual product specific roles and boundaries to prevent confusion and brand overlap
  • Recommended a naming system which would simplify name creation going forward
  • Developed a brand architecture Decision Tree tool to enable Bayer to determine new product fit with existing brand and product families, and to determine if and when new names were needed

Our Work

Brand Hierarchy Definition & Brand Architecture Mapping

Relationship to the Brand Hierarchy

Decision Tree Brand & Product Naming Tool

Project Details

  • Client Bayer CropScience LLC
  • Office North Carolina, US
  • Sector B2B & Industrial Products, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals
  • Partner Lisa Craig